Origination, Equity & Debt Capital Markets

Origination, Equity & Debt Capital Markets

Xnergy helps raise capital through superior origination strength and structuring expertise.

Xnergy's Capital Markets group, in partnership with its industry coverage and M&A groups, enable holistic client service.

Xnergy Capital Markets offer services ranging from origination to structuring, executing and syndicating for clients globally.

Our mission is to assist private companies in raising needed capital by leveraging our extensive network of high-net-worth individuals, venture capital firms and institutional investors. Funding is a challenging process and our team leverages existing relationships to put our clients directly into the offices of active decision-makers.

Equity Capital Markets
Debt Capital Markets
Syndicated Finance

Equity Capital Markets.

We are experts in capital raising and structuring.

Xnergy is widely recognized as a global leader in capital raising, combining superior origination strength and structuring expertise with exceptional distribution capabilities. Our firm’s underwriting activities range from public offerings to follow-on private placements in both wealthy nations and in emerging markets.

Xnergy's origination capabilities include:

Debt Capital Markets

Serving corporate, institutional, and government clients, Xnergy's presence in the global credit markets is well-established.

Our firm combines debt origination and structuring expertise with exceptional distribution capabilities to a large base of investors.

The origination team works directly with issuers, including corporations, banks, and sovereign governments that seek funding. Xnergy advises these clients on debt financing strategies, from simple bank loans to multi-billion-dollar raises across asset classes. Colleagues leverage relationships across borders to deliver successful structuring, marketing, and pricing.

Syndicated & Leveraged Finance

Xnergy provides leveraged financing to companies to help them achieve objectives such as making an acquisition, effecting a buyout, repurchasing shares, or funding a one-time dividend or investment. Xnergy arranges leveraged loans, high-yield bonds, and mezzanine debt for clients.

More Xnergy investment banking solutions:

Corporate FinanceWe provide clients with options for an optimal capital structure -- then help them achieve it.
Mergers & AcquisitionsWe serve as a valued, proven execution partner to ensure the best price, terms and deal structure.
Origination, Equity & Debt Capital MarketsWe arrange private and public equity and debt placements as well as commercial loans.
Direct InvestmentsWe supply capital funding through Xnergy Capital.

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