Mergers, Acquisitions, & Disposition

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Xnergy provides prudent advice to inform corporate mergers and acquisition strategies.

Xnergy guides clients through the entire M&A process.

We combine our extensive knowledge of corporate finance with deep industry expertise to provide services to both the buy side and sell side.

Xnergy can help your company stay on track throughout the M&A process. We advise corporations and institutions on their most complex strategic needs, in their home markets and around the world. While we have served organizations of all sizes, our focus remains on emerging and mid-market firms.

Buy-SideFor companies who want to purchase all assets of another entity.
Sell-SideFor businesses looking to sell their business and liquidate assets.

Buy-Side Advisory.

Selling your company can be a daunting process, so let's make it go as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

A merger or acquisition is the fastest way for a business to dramatically change its position in the marketplace. Buying all or part of a business, though, is one of the most complex strategic moves that a company can make. Either type of transaction can alter the fundamental dynamics of an organization almost overnight by changing the scope and breadth of the products or services it provides, as well as the model under which it competes. The potential rewards are that many mergers and acquisitions can contribute to growth by broadening product lines, increasing market share, strengthening a financial position, stabilizing a cyclical or seasonal business, and providing key technical talent.
Our merger, acquisition and disposition practice provides high-quality, comprehensive, strategically focused tax, accounting and advisory services. Through our global network of resources, we have immediate access to our team of specialists, which is comprised of members from multiple disciplines. Each contributes the special skills our clients need to find, evaluate, negotiate, structure, finance and complete a transaction.

We provide:

Sell-Side Advisory.

Xnergy serves as a valued, proven execution partner to ensure optimal price, terms and acquisition conditions.

We have been expanding and maintaining our connections with strategic and financial buyers to provide our clients with the best possible choice and offer in the market. Our sales team and valuation experts provide a number of advantages to sellers.

Sell-Side Advantages:

Why work with a Xnergy professional for M&A?

Our professionals are focused on the middle market. They pay dedicated attention to each assignment they work on. They can help with:

Based upon the financial, business, legal and tax review, our team advises clients on how to structure the transaction for optimal results, leveraging general business and tax advantage points. We help each client find the right buyer, negotiate the right price, and design the right deal.

Additional support services:

More Xnergy investment banking solutions:

Corporate FinanceWe provide clients with options for an optimal capital structure -- then help them achieve it.
Mergers & AcquisitionsWe serve as a valued, proven execution partner to ensure the best price, terms and deal structure.
Origination, Equity & Debt Capital MarketsWe arrange private and public equity and debt placements as well as commercial loans.
Direct InvestmentsWe supply capital funding through Xnergy Capital.

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