We are committed to our clients' financial objectives.

Xnergy Financial is an international investment bank that provides corporate finance and merger & acquisition strategy to emerging and middle-market companies.

The companies and investors we work with deserve the most compelling financial options.

Xnergy Financial works with entrepreneurs and investors with emerging and middle-market businesses.

Corporate FinanceWe provide clients with options for an optimal capital structure -- then help them achieve it.
Mergers & AcquisitionsWe serve as a valued, proven execution partner to ensure the best price, terms and deal structure.
Origination, Equity & Debt Capital MarketsWe arrange private and public equity and debt placements as well as commercial loans.
Direct InvestmentsWe supply capital funding through Xnergy Capital.
Why work with us...Xnergy Financial has the experience, expertise and resources to be a trusted guide.
When to work with us...Xnergy has everything an enterprise needs at any stage - whether a startup or a company ready to sell.
Our core values...We distinguish ourselves with our dedication, integrity and passion for financial growth and supporting emerging businesses.

Our selected transactions.

As one of the industry's leading investment banking firms, we have successfully managed hundreds of transactions with clients of varying scale.


Oil & Gas
Debt & Equity Placement | Oil & Gas
$480,000,000 USD

BMW Dealership

Consumer Brand
Provided dealership business valuation services.
Undisclosed Amount

Solar Alliance of America

Renewable Energy
Stock Sale & financial advisory
Undisclosed Amount

Diverse Funding Associates

Financial Services
Debt Placement
$18,000,000 USD

Astro-Tek Industries

Aerospace Manufacturing
Stock Sale & business advisory
$13,000,000 USD

Champion Pain Care Group

Debt & Equity Placement
$8,000,000 USD

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